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Solicit Minor for Prostitution
PC 647(b)(3)
Law, Penalty, & Defense

Information on the crime of solicitation of a minor for prostitution is found at California penal code section 647(b)(3).


PC 647(b)(3) Law

PC 647(b)(3): A person who solicits a minor to engage in prostitution, when the person knows that the person solicited for prostitution is a minor at the time of the offense, is guilty of soliciting a minor for prostitution (PC 647(b)(3) Abbrev.).


Prostitution Defined: Prostitution is defined as agreeing to, solicitation of, or engaging in, a lewd or sexual act for compensation (i.e., cash, payments, reciprocal services, etc.). For further definition of prostitution, see PC 647(b).


Minor Defined: A minor is any person under the age of eighteen (18) in California (Age of Consent is 18).


PC 647(b)(3) Penalty

Jail Sentence: Soliciting a minor for prostitution is charged as a misdemeanor. If the defendant is found guilty of PC 647(b)(3), he or she could face up to a year in the local county jail. Alternative sentencing of work release, or house arest, may be possible in some PC 647(b)(3) cases.

Probation Sentence: A probation sentence is a period of supervision, as opposed to a jail sentence. A probation sentence is available in PC 647(b)(3) cases, but a probation sentence is never guaranteed. Whether the defendant receives a probation sentence after a conviction of soliciting a minor for prostitution depends largely on the facts of the case, the defendant’s criminal history, and more.

Sex Offender Registration: Sex offender registration is not mandatory in PC 647(b)(3) case; however, if the court finds that the defendant acted out of an uncontrollable sexual compulsion when he or she committed the offense, then the court may require the defendant to register as a sex offender pursuant to PC 290.006. For more information, see CA Tier System for Sex Offenders.

Additional Penalties: In addition to the penalties listed above, if the defendant is found guilty of penal code 647(b)(3), he or she may face any of the following additional penalties: court fines and fees, criminal protective orders, loss of employment, loss of military service options, deportation from the United States for non-US citizens, civil lawsuits, and more.

PC 647(b)(3) Defenses

Common defenses to a criminal charge of soliciting a minor for prostitution include, statute of limitations (one year form the date of the alleged offense), entrapment, illegal search and seizure (police misconduct), mistake of fact as to the prostitute's age, coerced confession, insufficient evidence to prove the underlying prostitution offense (i.e., no valid offer or overt act for prostitution (See PC 647(b)), and more.

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