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Kidnapping to Commit a Sex Offense
(Penal Code 209(b))
Law, Penalties, & Defense

Aggravated kidnapping to commit a sex offense is classified as a violent and serious offense sex crime under California law (PC 209(b)).

PC 209(b) Law

PC 209(b)(1): A person who kidnaps or carries away an individual to commit robbery, rape, oral copulation, sodomy, rape in concert, lewd acts upon a minor, or sexual penetration by object by force, …is guilty of aggravated kidnapping (PC 209(b) Abbrev.).

PC 209(b)(1) Punishment

Prison Sentence: If the defendant is found guilty of aggravated kidnapping pursuant to penal code 209(b), and he or she is not granted a probation sentence (see Probation Sentence below), then the defendant may face up to life in a California state prison.

Probation Sentence: A probation sentence is a period of supervision, as opposed to a state prison sentence. A probation sentence is allowed in aggravated kidnapping cases, but a probation sentence is not guaranteed. Whether the defendant is granted a probation sentence after a conviction for aggravated kidnapping depends on many factors, including the egregiousness of the fact, the defendant’s criminal history, and more.

Note: When probation is granted, the court shall, except in unusual cases where the interests of justice would best be served by a lesser penalty, require as a condition of the probation that the person be confined in the county jail for 12 months (PC 209(c) Abbrev.).

Strike Offense: PC 209(b) is classified as a “super strike" offense under California’s Three Strikes Sentencing Law. This means that the defendant may face life in prison upon a conviction for PC 209(b), even if he or she has no prior serious or violent felony convictions. For more information, see PC 667.61.

Note: A defendant may be charged with both a violation of PC 209(b) [Aggravated Kidnapping], and PC 667.61 [“One Strike” Sex Offense], simultaneously. However, the defendant may not be sentenced for the same act that constitutes a violation of both PC 209(b) and PC 667.61 (PC 209(d) Summarized)).

Sex Offender Registration: A sex offense related penal code 209(b) conviction requires the defendant to register as a sex offender in California (Exception: If the underlying PC 209(b) offense is robbery, then sex offender registration is not mandatory). For more information, see Sex Offender Registration Requirement.

Additional Punishment: In addition to a possible prison or probation sentence, if found guilty of the crime of aggravated kidnapping, the defendant could face any of the following additional penalties: loss of immigration status, loss of a professional license, loss of military service options, criminal protective orders, civil lawsuits, restitution to victim, and more.

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